Personalized Corporate Member Healthcare Scheme

CORES offers both on-site and in-house physiotherapy services. Our Personalized Corporate Member Healthcare Scheme invites institution members to our centre for services. Sports clubs, elderly centres, patient self-help groups, welfare organizations, women associations, commercial institutions, and clubs may find these programmes suitable to their members or staff. Interested parties may provide the number of participants and details of wanted services, our centre will arrange accordingly.


Our Personalized Corporate Member Healthcare Scheme covers a series of structure programmes:


  1. 科學化跑姿改善計劃
    Scientific Running Posture Improvement Programme
  2. 腰背健康計劃
    Spinal Health Programme
  3. 孕媽媽產前預備班
    Prenatal Preparation Programme
  4. 新手媽媽產後護理班
    Postnatal Healthcare Programme
  5. 治療性普拉提
    Therapeutic Pilates Programme
  6. 抗衰老健康計劃
    Anti-aging Programme
  7. 心肺復康計劃
    Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Programme
  8. 飛甩脂肪計劃
    Fat Loss Programme
  9. 辦公室健康計劃
    Office Healthcare Programme
  10. 按摩及伸展治療
    Therapeutic Massage and Stretching Programme
  11. 淋巴水腫治療


For further discussion, please contact 9799 4307 or email

If you would like to seek our quotation for the services, you are welcome to provide the event details (e.g. theme of the event, venue, date, time, the number of participants, budget, etc.)by emailing, or you may insert your email here and CORES will reach you soon. You may also contact 9799 4307 for consultation.