Branding and Team Building

In order to promote wellness, the joy of sports, and treatment knowledge, our CORES team is often invited for personal interviews, media promotion, and filming health and sports TV programs. We hope to bring a positive vibe and invigorate everyone in Hong Kong to shape a better life and career plan.


Excellent teamwork is the essence of the sustainable growth of a company. Brand establishment and team building are to form bonds between members, reinforcing the cohesiveness and positivity, leading to better daily operations.


Interested parties are welcome to contact us at 9799 4307 or email for details or enquiries.

If you would like to seek our quotation for the services, you are welcome to provide the event details (e.g. theme of the event, venue, date, time, the number of participants, budget, etc.)by emailing, or you may insert your email here and CORES will reach you soon. You may also contact 9799 4307 for consultation.