Due to spinal muscle weakness or long-term poor posture, the spinal muscles lose elasticity. Excessive strain causes spinal pain. It is usually uneasy to find the painful region after a full rest or warm-up, but symptoms such as pain and numbness occur after work or a prolonged static posture.




Spinal muscles include back and abdominal muscles, both of which are used to support the spine. If either group of muscles is too tight and the other group is too weak, the normal physiological curvature of the spine cannot be maintained. When the spine is abnormally pressurized for a long time, pain will occur.  Bad postures, such as habitual "belly out" and "kyphosis", will often make the above situation worse and form a vicious circle.

Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療1

Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療2



Risk Factors

Sitting or standing for a long time at work, wearing high heels, overweight (especially big belly) etc. will also increase the curvature of the back and the pressure on the spine.



Common Symptoms
  • Back pain, soreness, and stiffness, but not losing actual mobility
  • The longer the same posture is maintained, the more obvious the symptoms are, but no specific movement causes pain
  • Repeated movements may not elicit more pain, whereas may alleviate the pain




Soft tissue release (such as therapeutic massages) and manual joint mobilization therapy are effective in relieving acute pain. But under normal circumstances, passively relying on the physiotherapist's manual therapy may often relieve most of the symptoms only. Improving the spinal muscle imbalance and maintaining a good posture is the solution to the root causes. Do stretching exercises to keep your spine and back muscles flexible. Train your brain to re-adapt a good posture in daily life. You can add lumbar support to the back of the chair to help maintain physiological curvature. In addition, proper strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles is also very important. This is the most effective way to treat this symptom in root causes.

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Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療運動2

Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療運動3


Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療運動4

Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療運動5

Self File | 脊椎肌力失衡及姿勢不良 Spinal Poor Posture_腰背痛成因物理治療運動6



Preventive Measures

With proper stretching and exercise regime, most can improve and effectively prevent neck and back pain. In addition, more whole-body aerobic exercise, and more breaks during work can reduce accumulation of fatigue.




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