The trochanteric bursa is located on the outer side of the hip, and its role is to reduce the friction and impact between the hip bone and muscle tendons. However, repeated stress often causes inflammation of the trochanteric bursa.

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Trochanteric bursitis mostly affects women, middle-aged people, and the elderly. Common causes include direct trauma, excessive use of the hip joint, standing or sitting for a long time, etc. When the bursa is rubbed too much, it will cause inflammation, swelling, and pain.

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Risk Factors
  • Leg length discrepancy or scoliosis
  • Standing or limping for a long time
  • Participate in jumping or kung fu sports
  • Tight lateral hip muscles
  • People who have suffered a hip injury or surgery



Common Symptoms
  • Patients often cannot sleep on the painful side
  • Pain when bending hip
  • Pain in prolonged standing or sitting
  • Pain is usually most noticeable when wake up in the morning and will ease a bit after mobilizing the hip
  • Difficulty in climbing up and down stair




Treatment aims at anti-inflammatory, pain relief and improving hip function. The use of medication and physiotherapy can effectively improve the condition. Patients should reduce the activity of the affected area to avoid excessive stress. The physiotherapist may perform manual therapy to improve joint mobility and release the tight soft tissues with specific strengthening exercises for improving leg alignment. If therapy is not effective for cure the problems, one may consider consult a doctor again for injection therapy or investigate any other underlying causes.

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Preventive Measures
  • Avoid overweight and repeated high-stress hip movements
  • Maintain good sitting posture and avoid from cross leg sitting or side-sitting
  • If the patient suffered from leg length discrepancy, wear a tailor-made insole to correct alignment
  • Stretching and strengthening hip muscles and joints regime






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