The Cuboid bone is a dice-like small bone on the lateral side of the foot, connected to the muscles and tendons on the lateral side of the lower leg. Cuboid Syndrome is caused by subluxation or dislocation of the cuboid bone. Patients usually experience pain and limited joint movements. It may cause inflammation of the surrounding tissues such as the joint capsule and ligaments.
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During ankle sprain, the foot is turned inward pulling the lateral tendons vigorously. This may tear the nearby ligaments  Subluxation is resulted as the integrity of the soft tissue connecting the cuboid bone was affected.


 Apart from acute sprains, long-term overuse, such as long-distance runners on uneven roads or hard grounds especially when sudden mileage increase, are more likely to develop this disease.

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Risk Factors
  • Runners wearing shoes with poor support
  • Excessive pronation and flat feet
  • Prolonged tip-toeing ( e.g. Ballet ) which creates micro-trauma to foot ligament.



Common Symptoms
  • Pain will increase when walking or weight-bearing
  • Tenderness when pressing the cuboid bone, sometimes with pain radiated to the medial arch, fourth and fifth toes.

  • Abnormal changes in the appearance of the bone around the lateral arch, swelling or muscle atrophy




The most direct way of treatment is to rectify the misaligned joints through reduction by manual therapy, but it relies on an accurate diagnosis. There are other methods including the use of insoles to correct excessive pronation, ultrasound, and acupuncture. However, the effect is less than manual therapy. Before performing reduction, one can relax the extensor muscles through massage or using a hot pad or ice. After reduction, applying sports taping on the dislocated bones to prevent dislocation again.

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Preventive Measures
  • Choosing shoes with better support
  • Using suitable insoles for correcting foot pronation or flat feet
  • Strengthen the medial muscle group of the foot






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