The carpal tunnel contains nine tendons and a median nerve. It extends from the forearm to the palm. It is one of the three nerves in charge of the sensory and muscular strength of the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the problem of the compressed median nerve in the "crowded" carpal tunnel and affecting its nerve function.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome mostly results from swelling of the wrist tendons, which compresses the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, causing pain and numbness. Housewives, people who have been using computer mouse and keyboards in the office for a long time, patients with rheumatoid diseases, patients with diabetes and patients with wrist fracture are more likely to develop this disease.



Risk Factors

Excessive wrist overuse at work, such as lifting objects, using the keyboard and mouse for a long time. Other causes include local inflammation due to accidental injury or infection, gouty arthritis, and pregnancy.



Common Symptoms
  • Numbness and tingling of thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger, especially at night
  • Swollen wrists and sometimes even can’t make a full hand grip
  • Late stage will also cause thumb muscle atrophy, affecting thumb function

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Most patients have resolved inflammation within a few weeks with rest, ice and electrophysical therapy. Stretching of the wrist and forearm muscles and soft tissue release can effectively relax the inflamed and taut tissues. Ultrasound and acupuncture can help reduce pain and control inflammation. Reduce repeated wrist movements at work. After the situation improves, progressive forearm strengthening can reduce the chance of recurrence in the future.


If the above treatments do not improve the condition, the patient may need to undergo surgery to relieve the pressure on the affected nerve. Other conditions, such as chronic pain and muscle atrophy, or suspected structural compression, may also suggest surgery. The stitches can be removed about one week after the surgery. The prognosis of surgery is usually satisfactory that the numbness may be reduced immediately and feel easier to exert force.

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Preventive Measures

Rest should be taken at regular intervals and wrist stretches should be done every half hour to reduce the chance of overuse. Avoid prolonged writing and typing, and stop any activities that cause numbness of the fingers, such as excessive flexion of the wrist. Place your hands in the middle position as comfortably as possible while working. Avoid pressing or placing your wrist on a hard surface. Use a mouse pad or keyboard pad to protect your wrist and hands.






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