A fat pad is located underneath the patella. When there are inflammation and swelling in the fat pad, it will be considered fat pad syndrome. Patella tendinitis may be accompanied in the later stage.
Self File | Patellar Tendinitis & Fat pad 臏骨腱炎及脂肪體綜合症 Knee Pain Causes, Physiotherapy Treatment




Excessive knee motion or injury will lead to hyperemia, thickening, or inflammation of the patellar tendon and fat pad. After recurrent and repeated inflammation, there will be swelling and even bleeding in the fat pad causing the surrounding soft tissues to lose flexibility and become stiff and tight.

Self File | 臏骨腱炎及脂肪體綜合症 Patellar Tendinitis & Fat pad_膝痛成因物理治療1



Risk Factors

Abnormal biomechanics such as wide pelvic, large Q-angle (the angle between quadriceps and patellar tendon), or hyperextended knee will increase the chance of having patella tendinitis and fat pad impingement.



Common Symptoms
  • Painful when knee fully extended
  • Tenderness underneath patella
  • Swelling in the patellar tendon, even worsen in prolonged standing
  • Soreness especially in night time




Cryotherapy and electrophysical therapy can be used to relieve the pain and desensitized the soft tissue surrounding the patella. Besides, patients can use appropriate bandaging or taping to reduce the pressure in the knee. Patellar mobilization and manual therapy can help to reduce the swelling of the fat pad.


Hyperextended knee increases the pressure of the fat pad and patellar tendon.

Patients should do more calf muscle stretching to prevent hyperextended knees due to tight calf muscle. When patients experience less pain, knee strengthening focusing on medial quadriceps (VMO) and gluteus medius can help correct the biomechanics of lower limbs, while isometric and closed kinetic chain exercise help to reduce pressure in training.

Self File | 臏骨腱炎及脂肪體綜合症 Patellar Tendinitis & Fat pad 膝痛成因物理治療運動1

Self File | 臏骨腱炎及脂肪體綜合症 Patellar Tendinitis & Fat pad 膝痛成因物理治療運動2



Preventive Measures

Emphasizes quadriceps strengthening and stretching to prevent hyperextended knee in standing. Prolonged crouching or directly impinge on the fat pad should be avoided.






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