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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for registration procedures and wear / bring clothing that is convenient for receiving treatment. Please bring relevant medical reports or referral letters.

Dear clients, please be considerate of others who are on the waiting list of appointment arrangement. Should you need to cancel / reschedule your appointment, kindly notify our center via WhatsApp or phone call at least one business day (24 hours) in advance. The contact numbers of each branch are as above, and our centralized WhatsApp hotline number is 92022624.

Different insurance plans have different claim terms. It is recommended that check the details with your insurance agent. If you are using a corporate staff insurance plan, it should be more accurate to reconfirm the benefits through your company's human resources department. It is advisable for everyone to understand the required documents and procedures for applying for claims, including whether a doctor's referral letter is necessary or if a claim form needs to be filled out by a doctor or physiotherapist. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the maximum claim amount or frequency limitations and the validity period of the documents. In general, on the receipts we issue, we may record the same diagnosis as stated in the doctor's referral letter.

The charges for physiotherapy are determined by your physiotherapist based on their professional judgment. It usually depends on the complexity of the problem and the treatment methods involved. Physiotherapists with different qualifications may also have different service charges. A physiotherapy charges will include: physical assessment, diagnosis making and explanation of the condition, and the implementation of physiotherapy (including electrotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapy, exercise therapy, education and advice). Generally, the longer the duration of treatment, the higher the charges. The basic hourly fee for our CORES physiotherapist ranges from HKD860 to 1200, while a consultant physiotherapist charges from HKD1100 to 1300 per hour.

We accept cash, credit cards (Visa/Master), cheques, bank transfers, FPS (Faster Payment System), Alipay, and WeChat Pay

In addition to CORES consultant physiotherapists, most of our physiotherapists accept Elderly Healthcare Vouchers, Specific District Health Centre (DHC) Member Referral for Treatment Services, HBSC Life Healthplus Group Medical Insurance Plan, Hang Seng Staff Medical Scheme, and Blue Cross medical cards. If you are using a medical card, please kindly inform us in advance during the appointment booking and present the relevant proof before the treatment session.

If the body part to be treated is your knee, thigh, elbow, or upper arm, please wear / bring a sleeveless shirt or shorts that can expose the treatment area as much as possible to facilitate examination and treatment. If you need treatment for sensitive areas such as the buttocks or chest but prefer not to expose those areas, kindly inform your physiotherapist in advance or specify when making an appointment to be attended by our CORES physiotherapist of the same gender. If you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable during the treatment, feel free to raise it immediately to any staff present. Our team is always ready to assist you. Additionally, our center provides clean or disposable garments for borrowing. However, if you have personal hygiene considerations, you are welcome to bring your own clothing.

Due to the high demand for appointments with Consultant Physiotherapist Elton Ng, our center kindly requests that cancellation or rescheduling notices be provided at least one working day in advance. For more urgent cancellations or changes, we also appreciate being informed at least 4 hours prior to the appointment, allowing us sufficient time to accommodate patients on the waiting list. Failure to reschedule / cancel an appointment within 4 hours of the scheduled time, or being a no-show, may result in the client being charged an administrative fee during their next visit or being attended to by another assigned physiotherapist before being able to see Elton Ng again. However, exemption from the administrative fee will be granted in case of major events or emergencies with supporting medical documentation. If a client cancels two consecutive appointments within 24 hours, they will enter a 2-month cooling-off period, during which they can only inquire about Elton Ng's availability on the same day by phone. Your attention to this matter is appreciated.

Physiotherapy is a vital component of Modern medicine. Registered physiotherapists should possess extensive knowledge not only of human anatomy and physiology but also of biomechanics, physics, radiology, blood test reports, most surgical procedures, and basic knowledge of commonly used medications. Therefore, within a hospital setting, doctors not only diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, and perform surgeries but also play an important role in patient referral, triage and collaboration. Nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, Prosthetist-Orthotists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, radiation therapists, clinical psychologists, and others often refer patients to each other, striving for holistic care and seamless cooperation. Outside of the hospital, patients often have multiple health problems, and sometimes it is the physiotherapist who identifies additional problems, even before the doctor attend for initial assessment. On the other hand, doctors from different specialties may rely on physiotherapists for patient rehabilitation and follow-up, while physiotherapists may require the assistance of other healthcare professionals to address cases where the desired physiotherapy outcomes are not achieved, or when there are severe or late-stage complications requiring further evaluation or treatments. Therefore, if we identify that you require assistance from other specialties, we can introduce you to reputable doctors or other specialized healthcare professionals who can help you resolve your problems.

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